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For each fallen tree, we plant a new one
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Spot differences

Learn to see the differences with the competitor It is not easy to see the world through someone else’s eyes, but we have to try it every day.

There it is, a floor is made from solid wood

It took a while, but we found a customer who appreciates wood art. The boards are of excellent quality, of course. And don’t forget the unmistakable scent of oak! Fortunately, the customer also knows that this wood will ‘work’ more. It expands more, it shrinks again and it is slightly more sensitive to humid environments.

We are also going to produce solid oak!

That what we mean: we feel the market!  We are also going to produce solid oak! We deviate a bit from our beaten track. We are convinced that our duo planks are the best floors. Yet there are consumers who let the primal feeling speak more: it does not matter that the wood works, wood… Continue reading We are also going to produce solid oak!

Patience is a virtue

We cannot make chocolate out of it  It is not easy to see differences with the shelves of other manufacturers. Some promise a higher quality than they can price wise.